The First District Democrats are administered by
an Executive Board and Six Standing Committees.

Executive Board

ChairKen Lapp
1st Vice ChairAmanda Dodd
2nd Vice Chair: Roger Burton
3rd Vice Chair: Carston Curd

Secretary: Charmaine Stouder
Treasurer: Liz Curran

State Committee Person, Position 1: 
Anne Udaloy
State Committee Person, Position 2: 
Marty Ross

King County Delegate: Joseph Goheen

Snohomish County Delegate, Position 1:
Evan Wipf
Snohomish County Delegate, Position 2:
Cathy Ferbrache

Young Democrats Delegate: David Edwards

PCO Coordinator: Cathy Ferbrache

Board Member At-Large #1: Larry Goldman

Board Member At-Large #2: James Randolph

Standing Committees 

Communications and Technology
Committee Chair: Marty Ross

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Committee Chair: Holly Muenchow

Committee Chair: Rosemary Sutton

Committee Chair: Kathy Sharp

Committee Chair: Andrew Nelson

Precinct Committee Officers
Committee Chair: Phillippa Kassover