Our Standing Committees

If you want to get involved at a local level, consider joining one of our committees.
We are always looking for additional volunteers to work along side
fellow democrats – looking to make a difference in our district and beyond.

Visit the links below to find out more about our committees.

The Communications & Technology Committee is
responsible for the management of the website,
publications and mail/e-mail preparation and posting.

The Elections & Endorsements Committee is responsible for
voter registration, election preparation, candidate
and volunteer recruitment, campaign coordination,
research, and endorsements.

The Issues Committee is responsible for local, state,
and federal bill tracking, ballot measures, legislation
research, news updates, educational and outreach
efforts (annual Forum), speaker/presentation,
facilitation, and resolution review.

The Membership Committee is responsible for
attendance tracking, PCO and membership
recruitment and training, collection of dues,
and credentials verification.