Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) and precinct coordinators are essential volunteers who take responsibility for helping run the Democratic Party operations in their community. Being an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), an appointed PCO, or a precinct coordinator is one of the most important roles in our party. As a PCO or precinct coordinator you are on the front lines of helping fantastic candidates win election to vital offices from the School Board to the Senate.

Here’s just some of what our PCOs and precinct coordinators volunteer to do:

  • Serve as a primary resource and the primary points of contact for voters in our neighborhoods.
  • Meet with voters in their neighborhood to learn about and discuss local issues.
  • Register voters
  • Support the endorsement and election of outstanding candidates up and down the ballot in our community.


Our PCOs are volunteers who have specific responsibilities for electing local Democratic Party officers. In addition, elected and appointed PCOs have the special responsibility of recommending candidates when vacancies arise in local partisan offices.


A precinct coordinator is a volunteer who performs many of the same tasks as a PCO but cannot be appointed as a PCO (usually because they are volunteering to organize a precinct in which they are not a registered voter). This is a terrific role for people who live in a precinct that is already served by an elected PCO.

If you’re curious about the details please review our “PCO 101” summary:

Click here to contact our PCO Coordinator for more information!


Volunteers who would like to serve as elected PCOs file as a candidate and run for election during even-number years. Don’t worry: it’s fast, free, and you can do it online! We’ll post more details about the process here during the next candidate filing period for PCOs, during May 6 – 10, 2024.

Does May 2024 seem a long time away? Good news! We are always looking for volunteers who would like to be appointed as a PCO or a precinct coordinator. What’s the difference? Appointed PCOs must meet the same voter registration requirements as elected PCOs: they must be a registered voter who lives within the precinct where they will be appointed (and that precinct cannot already be served by and elected PCO). Volunteers who live in a staffed precinct, or who are not registered to vote, are welcome to help as precinct coordinators. Interested? Click the button below to download an application form. Fill out the form and email it to our PCO Chair, and we’ll be in touch soon!

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