Fellow Democrats,

Elections have consequences.
Elected officials make decisions that can impact all of us. Every single day of our lives.  We need to hold our leaders and decision makers accountable.

This is how we can make our voices heard and convince our leaders to create the policies for the problems we face.

Voters across the country are now understanding the importance of all levels of government and every single elected position.

In a national election year, we understand that we also need to hold our local and state leaders accountable.

In Washington state, the ballots for the National Election on November 3 will be mailed out in mid-October.

First District Legislative Democrats has endorsed a slate of candidates who we believe will stand up for our Democratic Values, our environment, and the health of our communities.

The 2020 election is the most important one of our lifetime. 

From the President and Congress, to the state Legislatures and county councils, and Judges and school boards, these are the leaders who can affect real change. We are at an important point in history, and who we vote for matters more now than ever. 

Now is the moment that calls for all citizens to think and do things differently. The climate crisis is not slowing down and we need to start the change in our leadership now.  In the months and years ahead, we need to elect leaders who are willing to take the bold steps needed to address the systemic weaknesses made clear by the current federal administration and the pandemic. We can only consider our economy to be thriving if all workers, the environment, and communities are protected and healthy.

This all starts with who we choose to vote for in 2020. Will you help us elect the leaders who will decide our future and the future of our children and grandchildren?

In solidarity,
First Legislative District Democrats

Our Endorsements

  • Nov 2020 General Election Endorsements
    2020 General Election Endorsements, Nov. 3rd Election. Endorsed by the 1st LD Democrats Membership. The King & Snohomish County PDF’s are 2 per page, suitable for printing.
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