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Issues Committee Chair:
Jackie McGourty


Linda Tosti-Lane
Ken Lapp
Michelle Devillier
Tyler Kelsen
David Bain
Monica Chilton

The Issues Committee is responsible for local, state, and federal bill tracking, ballot measures, legislation research, news updates, educational and outreach efforts (annual Forum), speaker/presentation, facilitation, and resolution review.

Coming June 27 – 2020! – Join us for our Annual Forum–A community conversation with your neighbors and local experts; This year we will explore Women’s Issues – ERA, Reproductive Rights, Violence Against Women Act, Women and Labor, Women’s Health and Suffrage.

Last year’s – 2019 Forum on Voting Rights and Responsibilities – Together we explored the issues that impact our voting rights.

Check our events calendar for the Issues Meeting schedule!

If you are interested in joining this committee, please email the committee chair.