Candidates are welcome to request the endorsement of our organization. We choose our endorsements through a democratic process: our Elections Committee evaluates candidates then recommends one candidate per office to the full membership of the First District Democrats. Then, we vote!

Specifically, our process is:

  • You (the candidate) email our Elections Committee Chair and express your interest in our endorsement. In the email, please include your full name, the position for which you are running, and a completed County Democrats Candidate Questionnaire for the County in which you are running (here’s the link to the King County Democrats candidate questionnaire; you may request the Snohomish County Democrats candidate questionnaire by emailing the Snohomish County Democrats Chair). In addition, our Elections Chair may contact you (using the publicly-available information you provide when you file for office) and ask whether you are interested in being considered for our endorsement.
  • You (the candidate) may email our Chair at any time and request time to address the membership during a general membership meeting (our meetings are routinely held on the 4th Wednesday of each month; see our Calendar).
  • The Elections Committee will review candidate questionnaires and may contact you to invite you for an interview.
  • The Elections Committee recommends the endorsement of selected candidates to our general membership. Our membership meets at least once before the primary election to consider and vote on candidate endorsements. This membership meeting will likely be held during May, after candidate filing period is closed and before primary election candidate statements are due to your County Elections office. Our membership also meets at least once after the primary election to consider candidate endorsements for the general election.
  • If the Elections Committee does not recommend your endorsement then consideration of your endorsement can be moved by a Member; if this motion seconded then consideration of your endorsement will be added to our meeting agenda.

Please contact our Elections Chair with any questions. Thank you!

Please feel free to also review our Endorsement Information for Members and our detailed Endorsement Rules.