2024 Resolutions

2024-003 Resolution to Endorse NO on WA Initiative 2109

Resolved that the First LD Democrats urge voters to VOTE NO on I-2109 in November 2024. The State of Washington has one of the most regressive tax systems in the nation, meaning those with lower income pay taxes at a higher rate than mega millionaires and billionaires, and an unfair tax code furthers systemic injustice, creates barriers to critical resources, and deepens the divide and economic inequality between the super-rich and the rest of Washington’s residents.

2024-002 Resolution Endorsing the Coalition to Vote NO on WA Initiative 2117

Resolved that First Legislative District Democrats urges Washington voters to vote “NO” on Washington Initiative Measure No. 2117. Whereas the Climate Commitment Act is part of an effort to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Washington’s largest emitting sources and industries and allowing businesses to find the most efficient path to lower carbon emissions, along with other critical climate policies to help Washington reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2050.

2024-001 Resolution In Support of a National Bank

Resolved that the First Legislative District Democrats hereby endorses the National Infrastructure Bank, and calls upon the WA State Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee to include language in the 2024 Platform to endorse the formation of a multi-trillion-dollar National Infrastructure Bank that would facilitate the long-term financing of infrastructure projects, create jobs, invest in people and our communities, prohibit asset recycling or privatization of any public infrastructure, require racial impact and equity studies of all projects; and be capitalized by existing Treasury debt as was done historically, thus not requiring new federal spending or taxes.

2023 Resolutions

2023-008 Resolution Opposing the Inappropriate Use of the Congressional Censure Power

Resolved that the First Legislative District Democrats affirm our support for the people of both Israel and Palestine to live in peace and security, and the right of all people to live, learn, work, play, pray, and engage in peaceful protest without threats, intimidation, violence, or death.

2023-007 Resolution Opposing H. Res. 845 and the Censure of Representative Tlaib

Resolved that the First Legislative District Democrats condemn the inappropriate censure of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib by the House of Representatives; commend and thank Congresswomen Suzan DelBene and Pramila Jayapal of the First Legislative District for opposing H. Res. 845; and strongly disagree with Congresswomen Schrier and Pérez for their support of H. Res. 845 and request future dialogue regarding their votes.

2023-006 Resolution In Support of an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Resolved that the First Legislative District Democrats condemn both the attack on October 7, 2023 by Hamas, and the Israeli military’s disproportionate response on the 2.3 million Palestinian people living in Gaza (nearly half of whom are children).

2023-005 Resolution to Stand in Solidarity with the LGBTQIA2S+ Community

Resolved that the First Legislative District Democrats affirm the full civil and human rights of our LGBTQIA2S+ community members.

2023-004 Resolution in Support of Ranked-choice Voting for Presidential Primary in 2028

Resolved that the 1st LD Democrats urge their Washington state representatives and senator to support the passage of legislation to allow voters to rank their partisan choices in the presidential primary.

2023-003 Resolution in Support of Wealth Tax

Resolved that the First District Democrats support the creation of a wealth tax to fund needed services for Washingtonians, such as public education, housing, disability programs and supports, climate change resilience, public transit and transportation, and health care.

2023-002 Resolution in Support of King County Proposition 1, the King County Crisis Care Levy

Resolved that the First District Democrats support passage of King County Proposition 1 also known as Ordinance 195722 (the 2023 King County Crisis Care Centers Levy).

2023-001 Resolution in Support of Worker’s Right To Strike

Resolved that we urge the members of our Congressional delegation to draft language and vote in favor of legislation that repeals the Railway Labor Act and puts railroad and airline workers on the same bargaining footing as most other unionized workers.

Resolved that the members of our Congressional delegation and President Biden are urged to refrain from future actions against or in interference with worker’s right to strike.

2022 Resolutions

Resolution to Endorse the Conserve our Futures: YES on Prop 1 Campaign

Resolution to Save our Democracy

Resolution Calling on Congress to Check the Power of the Supreme Court

Resolution in Support of the Lunar New Year