Resolution to endorse the Conserve Our Futures: YES on Prop. 1 Campaign
Whereas Washington State has a rapidly growing population, critical gaps in open space equity,
and urgent needs to protect farms, forests, parks, and natural areas,
Whereas climate change continues to worsen, and its effects continue to impact Washington
State through heat domes, rampant wildfires, droughts, seasonal extremes, and other natural
Whereas forests and other natural spaces are vital to carbon sequestration efforts, helping to
mitigate pollution and harmful carbon exhaust buildup in our atmosphere,
Whereas forests protect wildlife, provide recreational opportunities, and protect river corridors
which provide salmon habitat, flood protection, and promote the health of Puget Sound in the
36th District and throughout King County.
Whereas support for reinstating Conservation Futures funding will create more equitable access
to safe open green space for urban communities, lower-income communities, and Black,
Indigenous, and communities of color,
Whereas protecting and stewarding urban green spaces, forests, and farmlands can improve
individual, community, and environmental health; food access; and community economic
Whereas the Conservation Futures program has provided funding for land conservation in WA
for the past 50 years, resulting in over 100,000 acres of open space safeguarded,
Whereas the Conservation Futures program has been reduced by fifty percent, $0.0312 per
$1,000 of assessed property value, resulting in King County no longer being competitive in the
property market,
Whereas there is a short window of opportunity to conserve King County’s open spaces,
farmland, forests, and parks, but the County must act now to increase the scale of preservation
before the remaining high conservation value open space lands are lost.
Whereas reinstating Conservation Futures to its original funding rate of $0.0625 per $1,000 of
assessed property value would provide enough resources to protect the last 65,000 acres of
best land in King County over the next 30 years,
Whereas protecting 65,000 acres of the highest conservation-value open space would rapidly
progress King Counties Land Conservation Initiative,
Whereas returning Conservation Futures funding to the original rate of $0.0625 per $1,000 of
assessed property value would increase the median homeowners’ tax burden by about $2 per
month, or $24 a year,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 1st District Democrats urge voters within King
County to support the passage of Conserve Our Futures: Yes on King County Prop. 1 campaign
on the November 8th general election.
Proposed by David Bain August 4, 2022
Recommend DO PASS by the 1st Issues District Committee – August 4, 2022

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