The elected PCOs and paid members of the First District Democrats met Monday, December 17, to reorganize for the coming two-year election cycle. State Senator Guy Palumbo presided over the meeting as temporary chair until a new chair was elected.

First on the agenda was the passage of new bylaws, which passed unanimously and take effect for the 2019-2020 cycle.

Bylaw changes include:

  • the restoration of gender equity provisions with regard to the election of executive board members
  • the adoption of language that accommodates non-binary candidates for gendered positions on the e-board
  • the addition of a new Young Democrats Delegate to the executive board
  • the adoption of the Washington State Democrats Code of Conduct 

When the new bylaws have been finalized, they will be posted to this website.

Election Results

Monica Chilton was elected Chair over Phillip Pacini, 18 votes to 16.

According to the new bylaws, the 1st Vice Chair and must identify as a different gender and reside in a county opposite that of the newly elected chair. Current Chair Roger Burton, a male resident of King County, was elected 1st Vice Chair by acclamation. Tim Carr, the new PCO of Vine precinct, was elected 2nd Vice Chair by acclamation. Marcia Stedman, PCO for Bothell 01-0261 precinct, was elected 3rd Vice Chair by acclamation.

Hillary Moralez, the newly elected Chair of the Snohomish County Democrats, was elected State Committee Person, Position 1 over Linda Tosti-Lane, 18 votes to 16. Phillip Pacini was elected State Committee Person, Position 2 by acclamation.

David Hablewitz and Rosemary Sutton (King County Delegates), Tyler Kelson and Michelle DeVillier (Snohomish County Delegates), Linda Tosti-Lane (Secretary), and Ken Lapp (Treasurer) were also elected officers by acclamation.

Your Executive Board for 2019-2020

  • Chair: Monica Chilton
  • 1st Vice Chair: Roger Burton
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Tim Carr
  • 3rd Vice Chair: Marcia Stedman
  • State Committee Person, Position 1: Hillary Moralez
  • State Committee Person, Position 2: Phillip Pacini
  • Secretary: Linda Tosti-Lane
  • Treasurer: Ken Lapp
  • King County Delegate, Position 1: David Hablewitz
  • King County Delegate, Position 2: Rosemary Sutton
  • Snohomish County Delegate, Position 1: Tyler Kelson
  • Snohomish County Delegate, Position 2: Michelle DeVillier
  • Young Democrats Delegate: Christi Lewis

Additional members of the Executive Board will include the Chairs of the Standing Committees as defined in the Standing Rules of the First District Democrats. Committee chairs are elected by the committees themselves, which will be formed after the reorganization meeting. The four Standing Committees are Issues, Elections, Communications and Technology, and Membership.

Chair Monica Chilton appointed the following individuals interim committee chairs:

  • Issues: Jackie McGourty
  • Elections: Kara French
  • Membership: Wanda Moralez
  • Communications and Technology: Mitchell Below

Committee participation is the lifeblood of our organization and a great way for new members to get involved. Check our calendar for upcoming committee meetings.

Other Business

Newly elected King County Chair Shasti Conrad spoke to the membership about the need for greater representation from underserved communities and better support of the LD organizations from the county parties. 

Hillary Moralez spoke as Snohomish County Chair about her goals to increase young voter involvement and to build the candidate bench throughout the county, especially in LDs that have state representatives who might be nearing retirement.

State Representative Shelley Kloba gave a brief update about the committee assignments for the incoming Democratic representatives. She will be Vice Chair of the new Innovation, Technology, and Economic Development Committee, as well as serving on the Transportation and Commerce and Gaming Committees. Rep. Derek Stanford will be Chair of the Commerce and Gaming Committee, and also will serve on the Appropriations and Consumer Protection and Business Committees.

Gifts were raffled to raise money for charity, and Chris Gray won the holiday cookie competition.


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