We had a great meeting last night, hearing from our elected officials and others.

Derek Stanford, LD Representative
Shelley Kloba, LD Representative
Jackie McGourty, Northshore School District Board
Terry Ryan, Snohomish County Council

We also had great presentations from Adam Cornell, incoming Snohomish County Prosecutor, and Sara Papanikoloau and Jeanine on the proposed Snohomish County Pipeline Expansion by PSE.

Finally, we passed two resolutions, one to increase the sales age of tobacco products from 18 to 21, and the other to protect and preserve the Shelton View Forest.

I wanted to give a big thank-you to our outgoing Executive Board. They have done an excellent job this year helping our organization run smoothly. I could not have done it without them!

First Vice Chair: Monica Chilton
Second Vice Chair: David Bain
Third Vice Chair: Mitchell Below
State Committeewoman: Linda Tosti-Lane
State Committeeman: Phillip Pacini
Snohomish County Female Representative: Margaret Bender
Snohomish County Male Representative: Chad Bates
King County Female Representative: Victoria Lapp
King County Male Representative: Ryan Beesley
King County Male Alternate: Aaron Moreau-Cook
Secretary: Hillary Moralez
Treasurer: Ken Lapp

Committee Chairs
Communications & Technology: Mitchell Below
Elections: Richard Moralez and Hillary Moralez
Issues: Jackie McGourty
Membership: Monica Chilton and Cathy Ferbrache

I’m sure we’ll see many of these folks running again, but we encourage all of you to consider running for a position for the upcoming biennium (2019-2020). Now is your chance to help shape the party during the 2020 presidential elections!

The meeting ran late, so we had little time for Good of the Order. I promised to do a follow-up e-mail with any Good of the Order items that were missed as a result.

First District member Tyler Kelson wanted to announce that he and his dad are offering to put up lights for neighbors within the Northshore School District boundaries (roughly). You need to provide the lights. If you have a ladder, they can be done on weekdays; otherwise, it will be done on a weekend. Preference goes to 1-2 story homes. Can do as much or as little as is desired. Can do lights in shrubs and trees or around the roof line (depending on height). They are charging only $25/person/hour.

They are available: for single story homes that own a ladder, weekdays; for all multi-level homes or anyone that doesn’t have a ladder, weekends. A picture of a sample of their work is at the end of the e-mail.

Contact info: tykelson@hotmail.com

Remember to be ready to pay your dues for 2019 at the December meeting so that you can vote in the re-organization.

We are a membership-driven organization. We rely on the funds from our members, like you, to fight to elect good Democrats. If you have not paid your membership dues, please bring a check, cash, or a credit card to the meeting on Monday. Alternatively, donate online at our website. Dues are only $30 for an individual or $50 for a family, for an entire year! Student discounts are available.

Check out our website for upcoming committee meetings and information.


Roger Burton, Chair

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