How to submit resolutions for the WA State Party Platform

  1. The title of the resolution must be clearly and concisely stated at the beginning of the resolution.
  2. The resolution must be no more than two (2) pages in length.
  3. The resolution must contain at least two (2) “WHEREAS” statements identifying the situation to be addressed by the resolution
    a. “Whereas” statements should be limited to five (5) and directly support the action requested in the “Therefore” statements.
    b. “Whereas” statements should be supported by documented references.
  4. The resolution must contain at least one (1) “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED” stating the action or actions to be taken if the resolution is adopted.
    a. “Therefore” statements should be limited to three (3) and directly provide actions to situations defined in the “Whereas” statements.
  5. Clauses should be worded as if written from the point of view of the Washington State Democrats and not the organization originally submitting the resolution
  6. The resolution must contain the name of the Committee, Caucus, or Organization submitting the resolution, a named Contact Person, contact information and the date it was submitted at the bottom of the resolution.
  7. Citations will not be included for passage by the full body but are recommended for context and background as the committee considers submitted resolution(s).

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