All members of the First District Democrats are welcome to join the Elections Committee! Each year this Committee identifies and vets candidates, then recommends selected candidates for endorsement by the general membership. This evaluation process involves identifying offices subject to election; identifying incumbent elected representatives, challengers, and candidates for vacant seats; reviewing candidate questionnaires; meeting candidates; and recommending our preferred single candidate for each office.

Why do we have an Elections Committee? Why doesn’t the entire membership just meet and hear from every candidate for every office? We use a Committee structure to streamline the process, provide fairness to candidates and members, and balance our member’s enthusiasm with their available time. As the local Democratic Party organization for the First Legislative District we represent a complex area. In addition to statewide elections, our voters (depending upon their exact address) elect candidates in:

  • 2 Counties (King and Snohomish), with the First Legislative District voting on all County-wide offices and also electing 2 County Councilmembers in King County (District 1 and District 3) and 3 in Snohomish County (Districts 3, 4, and 5)
  • 3 Congressional Districts (portions of the 1st, 7th, and 8th CDs)
  • The entirety of the cities of Bothell, Brier, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Woodinville, and a portion of Kirkland, each with 7 elected councilmembers
  • The Port of Seattle
  • 2 Conservation Districts (King and Snohomish), each with 3 elected Directors
  • 4 District Courts
  • 4 Fire Districts
  • 3 Public Hospital Districts (1 in King County and 2 in Snohomish County)
  • 6 School Districts
  • 6 Utility, Water, and Sewer Districts

Our communities also vote on ballot measures and levies in each of these jurisdictions, along with 2 library districts and 2 transportation authorities.

To make good endorsements we need to hear from members throughout our community!

Please join our meetings and help where you can. You will be asked to disclose and potential conflicts of interest, and to assist with the review and vetting of candidates by reviewing candidate questionnaires and attending candidate interviews. Committee attendees can vote on endorsements (where there are no conflicts of interest) after participating in only two (2) Committee meetings, per our Elections Committee Rules. For more more information please contact our Elections Committee.