Delegate Caucuses: Updates!

You have until April 24, not April 22, to sign up to be a delegate.

The national convention has been moved to the week of August 17.

The national convention is in Milwaukee, not Minneapolis. Most attendees from Washington will be lodged in Chicago and bus into Milwaukee for the convention.

The state convention is still tentatively planned to be in June in Tacoma, but that may change.

The sign-up for delegates is here: Please register by no later than April 24. Campaigning is all done via your registration, so be sure to say a bit about yourself and why you want to be a delegate.

A further breakdown of delegates follows. Legislative District 1 is in both Congressional District 1 and 2. Not sure which district you are in? Find out easily here:

Congressional District 1
• Joe Biden will get 12 delegates and 6 alternates
• Bernie Sanders will get 11 delegates and 5 alternates

Congressional District 2
• Joe Biden will get 7 delegates and 4 alternates
• Bernie Sanders will get 6 delegates and 3 alternates

Stay tuned for future updates!